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Meriel's Blog

Written by Meriel.

Thank you to Cycling SA and Skinny Lattes for making cycling accessible for women!

Without the support and encouragement of the Women’s Group I would not be on the brink of competing in my first State Championships and Australian Masters…only eight months after riding a bike for the first time!

One night at book club, one of my friends suggested we all read the designated book AND try something new.

The stars aligned! I tripped over a hybrid bike Patrick had bought for Phoebe to ride to uni. She was unimpressed and left the silver Avanti languishing in the hall.

I squished my body into some track pants, old runners and a baggy top, found a particularly ugly helmet in the shed and treddled around the local streets. It felt good looking into people’s gardens. Before I knew it I was half way up a hill and wondered how changing gears would make it easier. I resolved to ride every day during January.