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Australian Para Olympians Stretch Legs of Local Club Riders

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It's 7am, and the Aussie team, along with the Canadian, Dutch and Austrian teams staying in our hotel is waking to another balmy morning here in Greenville, SC. The AUS team is up early preparing for another day of training which is nothing unusual. What is unusual is that today several of the AUS team will be joining the Greenville Spinners Cycling Club.

Our athletes including the likes of David Nicholas, Alistair Donohoe, Michael Gallagher, Mick Curran and Matt Formston are joining the Spinners for a bunch ride commencing from a local bike shop, Bike Street USA. The 'A' grade group ride meets up early each Saturday morning before proceeding through some tough rolling terrain just outside of town. The Greenville club was honored to have our talented Olympic, World Cup and World Champion team set the pace which progressively increased to 50km/h shaking more than a few of their able bodied hosts before long.

A little background on this club:
The Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club is a 650 membership lead organization with the purpose of promoting bicycling in Greenville County South Carolina. The Bike Street USA ride pairs up with the Greenville Spinners and offers their shop location as a start point for several of the clubs rides.

Facebook Post from Today:

BikeStreet USA - South Carolina
What a great ride out of the Woodruff Rd location today! We were treated to chasing the Australian Para Olympic National Team. These guys are fast! If you are looking for a no joke FAST ride we are going to do this again tomorrow morning.


para coffee ride  para group ride

Southern Hospitality extended to Australian Para Cycling Team

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Australian Paracyclists arrive in Greenville SC ahead of the 2014 Para Cycling World Road Championships.

On Wednesday, the Australian paracycling team arrived in Greenville, SC welcomed by the heat, humidity and warm hospitality that the South is famous for. During the 5 day event, the Australian team will compete alongside hundreds of athletes from over 40 countries. This is the first time since 1998 that an American city has hosted this event and the team is excited to be in Greenville.
Upon our arrival into the Drury Inn Hotel, the athletes, mechanics, and staff began unpacking equipment and assembling bikes to ensure that the athletes could get out on the road before the heat of the day set in.

Riders and staff alike have settled into their surroundings and begun the training process that will culminate in the 2014 Paracycling Road World Championships. Both male and female paracyclists will compete in categorized events over the 5 day period. Whilst the high heat and humidity make for early training days the conditions look to be perfect for the events which include a handcycle relay on the BMW test track. The road race and individual time trial disciplines for men and women will be held on an 11km undulating circuit which loops its way through Greenville suburbia.
Our athletes have witnessed firsthand the kindness that this community has to offer. In true Southern spirit, locals have stopped to speak to the athletes and staff to ask about the upcoming championships and to welcome them to South Carolina. From the staff at the hotel, to the local shops, the road works employees out on course and even the Greenville Life Center Hospital who has offered to provide any medical or therapeutic equipment needed during these championships, the support has been nothing short of amazing.

The remaining days will see our athletes continue to adapt to the conditions preparing for the upcoming competition phase. In the words of Alan Armstrong, "Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it."

Kimberley Conte

National Hand Cycling Coordinator
Cycling Australia
Para-Cycling Coordinator
Cycling South Australia

Carol Cook Worlds para worlds trike


Para aussie team    para worlds bikes

Cycling Australia's She Rides program coming to SA with Margaret Boylan

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She Rides

Skinny Latte CC member Margaret Boylan (First Principles Fitness & Coaching) will be a She Ride Leader in the new Cycling Australia She Rides introductory riding program which is focused on fitness, skills development and creating a social riding community of women. Sound familiar?

This program starts in October and runs over eight weeks with one Saturday afternoon session per week. This is a great way for women who lack the access, skills, confidence, or support to ride right now, so if you know someone, have a girlfriend who is keen to get out riding but not sure where to start – here it is. You all know Margaret and so can assure them they will be well looked after and it will be good fun.

Participants get all the perks of a small group learning environment plus a three- month recreational membership to Cycling Australia.

For more information and to register your interest follow the link  She Rides!

 Booked Out.

Met your Leader
Margaret Boylan: I took up bike riding after a change in my circumstances
in 205 caused me to sell my horse. I found that I had just as much fun
riding a bike and quickly got addicted! I joined the Skinny Lattes, a
women's specific club, and the friendships & opportunists there
consolidated my bike riding passion.
"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride" – a quote from
John F Kennedy. Life begins at he end of your comfort zone. A comfort
zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there. Becoming a She
Rides participant will be a great way to expand your comfort zone and
have fun to!
Riders will learn lots about themselves, their bikes and the many small
but wonderful ways that cycling helps all riders become better at "doing"
life as well as cycling!



Manly & Steele Receive Sponsored Cyclists Award

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Alex Manly PodiumDSC 8419



Madeleine Steele surrounded by club members at a recent CSA "Women on Track" session signing the Sponsored Cyclist Jersey.


 Alexander Manly and Madeleine Steele were recently awarded $500.00 each as the winners of the Skinny Lattes Cycling Club Sponsored Cyclists for 2014/2015.

This annual award which attracted 10 strong applications, is open to all female members of Cycling South Australia. It is an opportunity for up and coming riders to put into writing their goals for the coming year and gives the winners the opportunity to develop their skills in reporting back to a sponsor, to engage with members of the club and to grow the support for female cycling and racing.

Club President Felicity Laing explained that the applications were judged against a criteria by a panel of 7 club members and that it was a difficult decision as the standard was extremely high.

Madeleine, who came into cycling through Cycling South Australia's "Women on Track" skills and development sessions, was quickly hooked on the sport. One year after that first session Maddie was heading across to the Midwestern State University of Texas as part of their Collegiate Cycling program and thrived not only in her academic studies but in the cycling program.
"Australia is lucky enough to have one of the best elite track cycling programs in the world. Unfortunately, the opportunity to join this program when I was younger never arose. I realise that with the loss of time the process will be more difficult, but my hope for the next year is to prove to others and to myself that I deserve to be considered. This will only happen with hard work and a desire to make it happen."
"I would be proud to become an ambassador for the club as the recipient of the sponsored cyclist award. I know the benefits of cycling as a child, as a young woman, as a recreational cyclist, and now at the competitive level. I love this sport and accept with enthusiasm the responsibility I now have to give back."
Madeleine intends using her sponsorship to cover the costs of track training sessions and equipment purchases.

Alexander's determination showed through to the committee when she reapplied for this award after being unsuccessful last year. Alex was spotted back in 2010 by SASI talent coaches and encouraged to leave basketball and come across to their cycling program. Her natural talent and work ethic has resulted in Alex quickly rising to the top of the Junior Women level on a National and International level.
"'To compete at the National and International level is expensive as flights, accommodation and food all add up and that is before the significant bike costs are considered. "
"My application to the Skinny Lattes for assistance is to continue to Live the Dream."

Alex was selected to represent Australia at the Junior World Track Championships and was unable to be present for the presentation but her father accepted the cheque on Alex's behalf and spoke of her dreams for the future and her desire to be a positive ambassador for Women's Cycling.
On August 9th Alex was part of the Australian Women's Team to win gold at the Junior World Championships.

UPDATE: Alex has just earned gold and Junior World Championships in both the Teams Pursuit and the Indivdual Pursuit.  

Congratulations to Alex from all the members of the Skinny Lattes CC.

Alex Manly junior world champ IP TP

What New Women Are Saying About CSA "Women On Track" Session!

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DSC 8410


With trepidation but with a high degree of curiosity and encouragement, I made some more steps
forward in pushing my boundaries and had a spin on the boards.
Some words to describe the experience:
Facing the fear of falling in an unfamiliar environment - yes I did fall in the nursery before I got on the
track....Going too fast around the soccer goals:)
Weird sensations, changing paradigms of what you instinctively do on a bike - relearning starting,
pedalling, stopping, concentration needed
Speed...speed...then more speed!
Lungs and legs bursting
Sounds and sensations (with no breeze and sunshine) make it almost surreal
Amazing support and mentoring from everyone!
An amazing world class facility that we can train in safely, especially when it's wet outside
and most importantly.....FUN!
I'll be back :) C.M.

Bikes and cycling have been part of my life initially growing up in country New Zealand and now living
in South Australia. My mother tells the story that at the age of 3 I ran away from home on my 3 wheel
bike and she found me 1 km down the road going flat out. I have always enjoyed cycling both as a
form of transport but more importantly for fitness and pleasure – I especially enjoy long distance ride
such as Bike SA Grand Slam Series and the myriad of longer distance rides offered in South
Australia. But I have never riding a bike on a 'track' – that was my claim to fame until I joined the
Skinny Lattes and heard about the Women on Track series. The idea thrilled me – in my mind I
thought "speed, short bursts of effort, controlled elevations and very fast descents off the 'wall' –
exhilarating I thought!!
Three Sunday's later and I am a track junkie!! On arriving home after the first session I announced to
my husband that I had found the cycling sport for which I was born and built – Track. His response
"well at least I don't have to worry about trying to find you on the side of a road somewhere when you
don't come back from a ride!! And it suits all weathers"
Week three down and I can't wait until next Sunday – the crew at the track are brilliant – patient,
supportive, encouraging and friendly – a really good group of women. I feel safe and inspired in their
company. I have never been asked to do something that I didn't feel comfortable to have a go at and
that is a great start. Oh the bike that has no gears and the pedals only go forwards – yeah about that
bit!!! Well I grew up with a bike that had no gears and to stop you pedalled backwards so I was right
at home but the other 'newbies' who started when I did they mastered it very quickly and ride with
confidence by the end of the first session. We are having such a lot of fun – I wonder now what I did
on Sunday's before track!!!
Thanks E.S.

My first experience at the Super-dome.
"This afternoon I arrived at the Super-dome with mixed feelings, would I observer or would I take the
plunge and give it a go? It soon became apparent the decision had been made for me as John
quickly outfitted me with a suitable bike, and so my journey began. It was a very short journey, two
rotations of the pedals, or was it one? Vickie k took charge of me on the track and very soon under
her professional guidance my confidence grew as I followed her up and around on the boards. Thank
you Skinnies for your support and suggesting I give it ago, it was an exhilarating experience and one I
hope to repeat very soon"

Cheers S.B.



Hill Climb Provided Strong Competition Across All Grades.

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Skinny Lattes Challenge Series Provides Opportunities To Gain Valuable Experience & Skills.

With the Police and Fire Games on the horizon, Cycling Shrikes members were out on a mission today looking to gain the inside edge on Hill Climbs. 

Kersbrook in the Adelaide Hills turned on perfect conditions for the women who lined up to support the four grades of racing.  One of the highlights of this series, club President Felicity Laing said "was the opportunity for women of all abilities and experience to come together in such a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy friendly competition".  "Today saw our strongest entries in D Grade. which is fantastic," Laing explained the importance of providing opportunities for all to be able to set goals and challenge themselves.  One of the great things about this climb Laing said, is that is that it is doable by most riders with some fitness, but still a worthy test for those with greater fitness and experience.

Round 1 of the series was a flat Individual Road Time Trial, in sharp contrast to this Hill Road is a 4 km climb which often appears in the Tour Down Under Race, as a companion climb to Checkers Hill.  Right from the start line the road heads up with a number of kicks and ramps, these are followed by  a couple of sharp down hill sections before the final long climb up past the Christmas Tree farm and the crest.

Close tight competition was a common thread among all bar one of the grades with Christina Teniswood C Grade stealing the show with the third fastest time of the day.  Teniswood  who recently moved from NSW has been a regular supporter of CSA "Women on Track" training and is obviously reaping the benefits.


 DSC 8160

 Christina Teniswood


DSC 8374 DSC 8040  DSC 8288 DSC 8267

DSC 8054DSC 8063DSC 8156DSC 8123DSC 8072DSC 8188DSC 8344DSC 8350

D Grade Place Getters                                                             C Grade Place Getters

DSC 8356DSC 8361

B Grade Place Getters                                                               A Grade Place Getters


A Grade Results Hill Climb 2014

B Grade Results Hill Climb 2014

C Grade Results Hill Climb 2014

D Grade Results Hill Climb 2014

Series Points

A Grade Series Points

B Grade Series Points

C Grade Series Points

D Grade Series Points


Thank you to the officals and volunteers, Kimberly Conte, Carol Morgan, Nathalie Johnstone, David Birks, Graeme Zucker, Rob Faulkner, John Murray, Russell Johnstone & Lynette Collins who supported the running of this event.

2013 Final Reports From Our Sponsored Cyclists

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Carla Franson:

To all at Skinny Lattes, 

The year really has flown by and has been full of a lot of cycling and amazing experiences. I wish to thank everyone again for awarding me one of the the 2013 Skinny Lattes Sponsored Rider Award and the money was used to help me upgrade my track bike.

1 carla                                                        2 carla


The last 12 months have been very rewarding for me on a lot of levels, I have still been single track riding but a lot of my focus has been on the Tandem with my Stoker Rachel Henderson. Rachel and I were paired up in October last year and we have really grown as a team since then. We competed at the Para Track Nationals mid December in Melbourne and we were amazed to win two bronze medals in the Sprint and the 1km TT, and rode a huge PB in the Pursuit, missing out on the Bronze Medal by 3.5 seconds. If you are unaware to be awarded medals at the Para Track Nationals it is not just a case of finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd you have to ride in a time that is set by certain standards to receive the medals.


3 carla        4 carla

At the recent Para Road Nationals that were held in Echuca this May Rachel and I won the Gold medals in the Time Trial and the Road Race and are very proud to be the 2014 Australian Time Trial and Road Champions.


5 carla  6 carla

On the single bike I have not been doing a lot of road work as Rachel and I were really been focusing on the Para Road Nationals but on the track I will be competing at the coming ITS (International Track Series) being held here in Adelaide next week, where I now ride for the Physical Edge Cycling Squad. I have still been doing the Cyclocross but the thrill I have riding the Tandem really is becoming the main focus for me and Rachel and I are hoping to improve on our results at this year's Para Track Nationals. We are hoping the in future to be able to make a Worlds Team and possibly make a Commonwealth or Olympic team. We know there is a lot of work to be done to get there and with this in mind I hope one day you will see us there.

7 carla                              8 carla
I want to thank you again for choosing me for this award and look forward to seeing you out there on the track or road in the future.

Carla Franson.

   9 carla                      10 carla


Kylie McAvaney:

Dear Skinny Lattes,

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since I received one of the 2013 Skinny Lattes Sponsored Rider Awards. I am happy to report, that the money was used to help me travel to Melbourne for the 2013 Para Cycling Track National Championships, where I rode 2 personal bests and had an amazing time! It was my first time competing at a national level, and I learnt lots from the experience and can't wait to do it all again this year. I am also finally getting used to my new prosthesis and the difference it makes to my positioning on the bike is amazing. Although, having a "wrist joint" that I actually have to control is still taking some getting used to. Turns out I've never used my left bicep muscle until now and I can certainly feel it! I am getting more and more confident with the prosthesis now though and am starting to gain some trust in it. Now I often find myself taking my right hand off the bars to do something without even thinking about it. Last week I even managed to grab my drink bottle while holding on with only the prosthesis – quite an achievement for me.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend road nationals this year, due to an issue with my hip. I am currently under the care of an orthopedic surgeon and hope to find out in the coming weeks, whether or not the issue can be repaired with surgery. If not, I will look at applying for reclassification. Either way, I will continue to ride and I am hoping to be able to compete with you all in the women's series, and am hoping to get back to training for this years track nationals.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for believing in me enough to award me this sponsorship, and helping me to travel to Melbourne to compete at a national level. That has given me the courage and incentive to continue training and return this year to try and do even better. I look forward to seeing you all out on the bike soon!


Kylie McAvaney

 Kylie McA


Kylie and Kimberly

2014 Applications Now Open For Sponsored Cyclist Award

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women racing


Applications are now open for the annual Skinny Lattes Cycling Club's sponsored rider's award. This award is open to all financial female members of Cycling SA.

Part of the charter of the Skinny Lattes is for women to support women to set and achieve their cycling goals. With this in mind the club will present two riders with $500.00 each to help them with their expenses of race entries, equipment, or travel.
Written applications close on July 1st and should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All applications should include a brief riding history and the main goals that the rider has set for the forthcoming year. Successful applicants will be required to send a brief written report to the club on their journey towards achieving their stated goal.

Successful applicants
2013-2014 Carla Franson and Kylie McAvaney
2012-2013 Stephanie Morton and Breanna Hargrave
2011-2012 Annette Edmondson and Jessica Mundy.


2014 Applications Now Open For Our Sponsored Cyclist Award

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Kylie Mcarla outfront


Applications are now open for the annual Skinny Lattes Cycling Club's sponsored rider's award. This award is open to all financial female members of Cycling SA.

Part of the charter of the Skinny Lattes is for women to support women to set and achieve their cycling goals. With this in mind the club will present two riders with $500.00 each to help them with their expenses of race entries, equipment, or travel.

Written applications close on July 1st and should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All applications should include a brief riding history and the main goals that the rider has set for the forthcoming year. Successful applicants will be required to send a brief written report to the club on their journey towards achieving their stated goal.

Successful applicants

2013-2014 Carla Franson and Kylie McAvaney 
2012-2013 Stephanie Morton and Breanna Hargrave
2011-2012 Annette Edmondson and Jessica Mundy.