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2013 Final Reports From Our Sponsored Cyclists

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Carla Franson:

To all at Skinny Lattes, 

The year really has flown by and has been full of a lot of cycling and amazing experiences. I wish to thank everyone again for awarding me one of the the 2013 Skinny Lattes Sponsored Rider Award and the money was used to help me upgrade my track bike.

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The last 12 months have been very rewarding for me on a lot of levels, I have still been single track riding but a lot of my focus has been on the Tandem with my Stoker Rachel Henderson. Rachel and I were paired up in October last year and we have really grown as a team since then. We competed at the Para Track Nationals mid December in Melbourne and we were amazed to win two bronze medals in the Sprint and the 1km TT, and rode a huge PB in the Pursuit, missing out on the Bronze Medal by 3.5 seconds. If you are unaware to be awarded medals at the Para Track Nationals it is not just a case of finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd you have to ride in a time that is set by certain standards to receive the medals.


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At the recent Para Road Nationals that were held in Echuca this May Rachel and I won the Gold medals in the Time Trial and the Road Race and are very proud to be the 2014 Australian Time Trial and Road Champions.


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On the single bike I have not been doing a lot of road work as Rachel and I were really been focusing on the Para Road Nationals but on the track I will be competing at the coming ITS (International Track Series) being held here in Adelaide next week, where I now ride for the Physical Edge Cycling Squad. I have still been doing the Cyclocross but the thrill I have riding the Tandem really is becoming the main focus for me and Rachel and I are hoping to improve on our results at this year's Para Track Nationals. We are hoping the in future to be able to make a Worlds Team and possibly make a Commonwealth or Olympic team. We know there is a lot of work to be done to get there and with this in mind I hope one day you will see us there.

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I want to thank you again for choosing me for this award and look forward to seeing you out there on the track or road in the future.

Carla Franson.

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Kylie McAvaney:

Dear Skinny Lattes,

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since I received one of the 2013 Skinny Lattes Sponsored Rider Awards. I am happy to report, that the money was used to help me travel to Melbourne for the 2013 Para Cycling Track National Championships, where I rode 2 personal bests and had an amazing time! It was my first time competing at a national level, and I learnt lots from the experience and can't wait to do it all again this year. I am also finally getting used to my new prosthesis and the difference it makes to my positioning on the bike is amazing. Although, having a "wrist joint" that I actually have to control is still taking some getting used to. Turns out I've never used my left bicep muscle until now and I can certainly feel it! I am getting more and more confident with the prosthesis now though and am starting to gain some trust in it. Now I often find myself taking my right hand off the bars to do something without even thinking about it. Last week I even managed to grab my drink bottle while holding on with only the prosthesis – quite an achievement for me.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend road nationals this year, due to an issue with my hip. I am currently under the care of an orthopedic surgeon and hope to find out in the coming weeks, whether or not the issue can be repaired with surgery. If not, I will look at applying for reclassification. Either way, I will continue to ride and I am hoping to be able to compete with you all in the women's series, and am hoping to get back to training for this years track nationals.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for believing in me enough to award me this sponsorship, and helping me to travel to Melbourne to compete at a national level. That has given me the courage and incentive to continue training and return this year to try and do even better. I look forward to seeing you all out on the bike soon!


Kylie McAvaney

 Kylie McA


Kylie and Kimberly

2014 Applications Now Open For Sponsored Cyclist Award

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women racing


Applications are now open for the annual Skinny Lattes Cycling Club's sponsored rider's award. This award is open to all financial female members of Cycling SA.

Part of the charter of the Skinny Lattes is for women to support women to set and achieve their cycling goals. With this in mind the club will present two riders with $500.00 each to help them with their expenses of race entries, equipment, or travel.
Written applications close on July 1st and should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All applications should include a brief riding history and the main goals that the rider has set for the forthcoming year. Successful applicants will be required to send a brief written report to the club on their journey towards achieving their stated goal.

Successful applicants
2013-2014 Carla Franson and Kylie McAvaney
2012-2013 Stephanie Morton and Breanna Hargrave
2011-2012 Annette Edmondson and Jessica Mundy.


2014 Applications Now Open For Our Sponsored Cyclist Award

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Kylie Mcarla outfront


Applications are now open for the annual Skinny Lattes Cycling Club's sponsored rider's award. This award is open to all financial female members of Cycling SA.

Part of the charter of the Skinny Lattes is for women to support women to set and achieve their cycling goals. With this in mind the club will present two riders with $500.00 each to help them with their expenses of race entries, equipment, or travel.

Written applications close on July 1st and should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All applications should include a brief riding history and the main goals that the rider has set for the forthcoming year. Successful applicants will be required to send a brief written report to the club on their journey towards achieving their stated goal.

Successful applicants

2013-2014 Carla Franson and Kylie McAvaney 
2012-2013 Stephanie Morton and Breanna Hargrave
2011-2012 Annette Edmondson and Jessica Mundy.



Challenge Series Kicked Off With Blistering Times in the Time Trial

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 Course Record Smashed by Leanne Davies Norwood Cycling Club.

Round 1 of the Skinny Lattes Challenge Series was held along the edges of the Mt Crawford Forest at Williamstown on Sunday, just in time to give riders a final hit out before the State Championships in two weeks.

It was a stunning morning to have a Time Trial, perfectly calm day by the forest, no wind and very little traffic. Thirty riders ranging in age from 16 to 72 lined up for the 19 km Time Trial, and were joined by Simon Brockhoff bronze medalist from the recent Para National Road Championships on his hand cycle.

Leanne Davies NCC is a force to be reckoned with and has her sights firmly set on firstly State then National Masters Championships. Leanne smashed the old course record which was set by PACC's Annabel Cox last year of 37.8km 30:12.07. Whilst riders battled extreme rain last year when they tackled this course for the first time, Leanne owned the road on Sunday when she stormed along the Mt Crawford Road and took out first place with an average speed of 39.2km 29:07.54 over Alexandra Manly CDCC 38.1km 29:59.08 and Michele Bloffwitch SLCC 38.1km 29:59.47.

Local Barossa rider, Chelsea Parbs in her first outing in B Grade took the win 34.9 km 32:44.79 from Janine McKinnon SLCC 34:8km 32:49.31 and Vicki-Lynne Birks SLCC 33.8km 33:46.07.

Natasha Caufield PACC surprised herself on Sunday taking out the win in C Grade 33.1km 34:31.19, from Christina Teniswood NSW 32.6km 35:01.47 and Heather Barclay SLCC 32.0 35:39.90.

After taking top honors in D Grade last year in her first race, Christine Meijborg SLCC had a point to prove and proudly showed the fruits of her year's training by again recording the fastest time of 30.4km 37:32.65, Margaret Warner SLCC 29.6km 38:37.88, Belinda Bramley SLCC 29.2km 39:04.29.

Hand Cycle: Simon Brockhoff NCC 31.4km 36:23.74.

P1100098  P1100093  P1100122


P1100071  P1100101  P1100114


P1100116  P1100086  P1100109P1100115

 P1100261 P1100265


P1100266 P1100268

A Grade Result

B Grade Results

C Grade Results

D Grade Results

Hand Cycles Results

Series Points

A Grade Points

B Grade Points

C Grade Points

D Grade Points

Hand Cycles Points

Photos by Chris Webb

Carol Cooke Australian Paralympian

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Carol Cooke recently joined us at the Murray Bridge Women's Tour, below is a copy of her blog posted on her website 29th April 2014

I have never been invited to take part in a main stream Women's Tour. In fact other than club races 3 wheels never race with 2 wheels. We do train together but are never allowed to race in State based or elite races. However this past weekend I was happy to drive over to South Australia to take part in the Murray Bridge Women's Tour. The Tour was organised by the Skinny Lattes Cycling Club, a women's specific cycling club based in Adelaide, South Australia.  The Skinny Lattes encourages women from all walks of life, stages, abilities and ages who love to cycle. They are a club that wants to get women back on bikes and in a non-threatening way into racing. The club had decided to open the tour up to Hand Cycles and Trikes, which was fabulous as it gave us another chance to race before our Australian ParaCycling Championships.
My Aussie mum Margo made the drive over with me and it was great to not only have the company on the long drive but to have my own pit crew. I had been offered a house free of charge (thanks Thomas) but it was in Adelaide and about an hours drive from the start of all the races so decided to stay in a motel in Tailem Bend about a 15 minute drive from Murray Bridge.
Margo and I arrived on Thursday evening so that I could have a drive around the courses on the Friday. We went to have a look at the TT and the Road Race courses and after being told that they were flat I was surprised to see that the TT was a constant climb on the way out but a great downhill on the way back. The Criterium, I was told, wouldn't be too bad for trikes, corner wise. But after having a look at it I knew it would be tough on two of the corners as one had a drainage ditch to turn through and the other had an S bend. The Road Race course was undulating and the day we drove it was very windy, so I knew that depending on which way the wind was blowing it would be tough.
The Time Trial was 10.7km in length which is basically the distance I have done in the past but the Road Race was 44km and it was going to be the longest race I had ever done. Usually trikes race no more than 30km, but as I train much further my coach Bec and I decided that I would do the entire course. I was really looking forward to the challenge and I was hoping that even though there were Hand Cycles racing that I would be able to join the women in the Road Race.

Saturday morning dawned not too bad at all, a bit chilly but dry and not much wind to start. That is until we got to the start of the TT. I was the first off with the hand cycles going off after me and then the women in C, B and A grades. By the time I was sent off the wind had picked up and I had to change the way I was going to ride the TT. It was a pretty bad headwind on the way out on the course with a slight climb to the turn around, but when I did turn WOW I had a great tailwind on the way back. I was really happy with the outcome and ended up 9th out 24 starters on 2 wheels. We then had the crit in the afternoon and I went off with the guys on the hand cycles. I must say that they are like bullets and other than 1 rider I ended up doing most of the crit by myself. But it certainly was great training for corners and sprinting out of them, but the weather had turned and we started to have a few drops of rain.  Saturday evening I went back into Murray Bridge and met a number of the riders, volunteers and officials for dinner. It was great meeting some amazing women. 

Sunday morning once at the start of the Road Race I realized that it wasn't going to be an easy one. I was allowed to race with the women and once out of the course we realized that the start was the easiest as we had a really good tailwind with us. I was able to stay with a fairly substantial bunch and when we made our first turn I was sitting on the back of a group of about 9 riders. Some of the A graders had gone further ahead but I stayed with this group until the second turn. This was now into a full on headwind. We had gone about 1km into the wind and I felt that the group was just riding a bit slow, so I made the break coming around them from the back and took off. About 2km up the road 2 riders caught me and then a third, so the 4 of us worked together until I just couldn't keep up the pace and dropped off. A short while later 3 more riders caught me so I sat on the back of them to catch my breath and when I felt better took a turn at the front and dragged them back to one of the riders in front of us. With about 6km to go I couldn't hang on any longer and was dropped. But finishing strongly after the last turn, I was really happy with my race. In fact if there hadn't been a trike category and I was just racing C grade I would have won. It was the best road race I have ever had and it proved to me that the training I have been doing is actually making me much stronger.
As reigning World Champion and Paralympic Gold Medallist they had asked me to present the awards and prize money, which I was honoured to be asked to do.

It was a fabulous weekend with some great racing, I met some fabulous people and having such inclusiveness with inviting Handy cycles and Trikes to race was wonderful. This was the inaugural tour and they will definitely be running it again next year and I will certainly be coming back! If there are any women out there new to cycling and maybe scared of tackling a race this is definitely the tour to come and do and I think most of the new women out there racing this weekend would agree! Thanks Skinny Lattes I'll be back!!


Murray Bridge Tour Highlights

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Over whelming support was given from all competiting riders who will return the the Murray Bridge Tour next year.  The stunning backdrop of the Murray River at Sturt Reserve as a central hub for the weekend meant that riders, families and supporters were able to relax and mingle during the weekend.  Local recreational riders rode out to the courses each day and cheered all competitors on providing some appreciated sense of occasion.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge turned on perfect conditions for two days of racing which was aimed at our Para athletes and multiple grades for Women, encourging women to jump in and give racing a go.  The inclusive, social nature of the event meant that new friendships were established and that riders from anywhere could turn up and feel instantly welcomed and part of the event.

Sturt Reserve was home to the tour over the two days and courses were based around various local locations. The Event included a 10 km individual Time Trial (the race of truth) and a closed road Criterium (fast intense circuit race) and then on day two a 45km Road Race which headed down towards Lake Alexandrina before pushing back along the undulating course on the return to Martin Road.

Champion of Champions from 2013 Masters Road Racing Championships Leanne Davies NCC and Meriel Custance SLCC were out in A Grade putting in valuable racing kms in preparation for this years National Championships and for Meriel her prepartion for Masters World Championships later this year.  Sarah Allen PACC was not intimidated by these women and threw challenges at them through the course of the event.

New comer to racing Chelsea Parbs CDCC spoke about the wonderful spirit of inculsion at the weekend and that being from another club was not a barrier to supporting this event.  Chelsea who lined up on the weekend in her second only race showed her power and was thrilled with the opportunity to develop skills and racing craft.  During the mass start road race she teamed up with seasoned racer Vicki-Lynne Birks (who was in a higher grade) and was able to work with Vicki picking up valuable pointers along the way.

There were many close finishes across the weekend with riders getting the valuable  opportunity to race within their abilities.  They also had the added bonus when across all grades the riders were given the opportunity to race alongside of Para Olympian Nigel Barley, Para Olympian and Multiple World Champion Carol Cooke, Multiple Masters Track World Champion Vicki-Lynne Birks and Masters Champion of Champions 2013 Leanne Davies and Meriel Custance.

The Skinny Lattes Cycling Club would like to thank The Rural City of Murray Bridge and Burke Urban, without their support this event would not have been possible.

Elbows Akimbo for the last minute attention to bikes between events, The German Cake Shop for keeping us fed and watered in fine style, to Avanti Plus Unley Road for the loan of their van, Mulch 'n' More for providing facilities at the TT, Cycling SA for their support with equipment and to all the officals and volunteers who made this weekend happen.

See you next year.


 Birke Urban




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Women's Challenge Series - 2013 Report, Results and Photos

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Women's Challenge Series Provides Pathways

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It seems that the belief "If you build it they will come" has rung true with a record number of women supporting the 2013 Skinny Lattes Cycling Club's Women's Challenge Series.
Race Director Lynette Collins acknowledges the lessons learnt from interstate clubs like Victoria's St Kilda CC. "St Kilda has been setting the standard for women's grass roots racing for a number of years and has proven that the answer to getting women of all abilities to support competition is that you have to put on multiple grades." The other critical link in this seems to be the importance of mentoring new riders and those new to competition. "It is all about building confidence and pathways" Collins said.
This year's series has been dogged by terrible weather conditions but despite this new riders continue to turn up and support the events. Overall Series Winner, Caroline Wilksch said "that it had been an amazing experience, and I have developed so much". Already Wilksch is planning her next major goal, Masters National Track Championships in Melbourne are looking like the ticket.
The next major event for the club will be the two day Women's Tour in April 2014.

Series Results
Overall Winner: Caroline Wilksch
Most Improved Rider Over Timed Events: Kim Clarke

Red: Leanne Davies 1st, Alissa Byron 2nd, Annabel Cox 3rd.
Yellow: Michelle Crick 1st, Vicki-Lynne Birks 2nd, Janine Mckinnon 3rd.
Blue: Sandra Ladyman 1st, Heather Barclay 2nd, Diane Tattersall 3rd.
Black: Caroline Wilksch 1st, Margaret Warner 2nd, Christine Meijborg 3rd.
Junior: Alison Double 1st, Lauren Schroeder 2nd, Oliver Wheeler 3rd.




  2013 Overall Series winner              2013 Series Most Improved

 Overall Series Winner - Caroline Wilksch            Most Improved Rider Over Timed Events - Kim Clarke



  2013 Series Junior

  Junior Women A Double 1st, missing L Schroeder 2nd, O Wheeler 3rd



  2013 Series Black               2013 Series Blue 

  Black: c Meijborg 3rd, C Wilsch 1st, M Warner 2nd                                                            Blue:   H Barclay 2nd, S Ladyman 1st, D Tattersall 3rd


 2013 Series Yellow  DSC 0808

 Yellow: J Mckinnon 3rd, M Crick 1st, V Birks 2nd                                Red: A Byron 2nd (missing), L Davies 1st, A Cox 2nd

Series First For SA's Hand Cyclists

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DSC 0634

Wondering just how tough athletes with disabilities can be? Check out these pics of our own SA athletes racing Cycling South Australia's first ever Hand Cycling Criterium Series.

A Criterium can be a physical challenge for people who have the benefit of using the power in their legs. So, for a group of 4 South Australian Paracyclists, who all have a spinal cord injury, hand cycling in the Cycling South Australian Hand Cycling Criterium Series was an even greater achievement.
Hand Cycling is a challenging sport based on propelling a handbike with nothing but arm strength. A Paralympic sport, hand cycle racing events take place across Australia, culminating in the international competition of the Paralympic Games. The sport is developing across Australia but rarely is there an opportunity for handcyclists to get together and race. Mass starts races, like criteriums are important as they allow handcyclists to come together and learn the craft of racing.

Sunday morning saw 4 CSA riders take the line at the first of the 4 race series. It was newcomer Amanda Tscharke's first race experience and only the second time she had been on the bike. Amanda drew rave reviews from the crowd and fellow paracyclist Tim Mott, who coached her through the timed event.

World Qualifier Grant Allen, and National Rider and State Champion Brian Moldenhauer took to the course with multi time City to Bay winner, Simon Brockhoff in hot pursuit. The course suited the hand cycles well as the propelled their way through a 30 min blistering pace. Grant crossed the line first, with Brian and then Simon following suit. With the National Hand Cycling series starting up in February, all 3 riders will be focused on what's to come in the next few months.


DSC 0671