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John Murray Awarded Life Membership to Cycling SA

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John Murray, holding Kelly Robinson at the Women's Series TT.

Skinny Lattes Club Coach, John Murray was awarded Life Membership to Cycling SA at its AGM on May 1st.  John has been the back bone of the Women's Programme since its inception in 2010.

He started his coaching career over 50 years ago and the list of athletes he has mentored reads like an honour roll of South Australian riders from the 1960s until today. Many of the riders he has mentored have gone on to represent Australia at the highest level, and his home holds  world champion jerseys, dedicated to the coach who help them achieve their dreams.  

The other list which is equally as long though is of those riders whose goals and dreams were much smaller but no less important to John.  

The Skinny Lattes Cycling Club would like to congratulation John on this recognition of his dedication to cycling, its athletes and look forward to many more years of his wisdom, humour and encouragement.


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Women's Challenge Series 2013 Round 1 Time Trial Williamstown 21 April 2013

A record number of women converged on Williamstown early Sunday morning to contest Round 1 of the Women's Challenge Series.

The reported "light showers" intensified and by starting time the women were lining up to pretty solid rain with some variable wind thrown into the mix.  The weather took its toll on some of the mountain goats in the groups and those riders will be awaiting round 2, a graded scrath race to see if some undulations will shake up the points for the series.

Despite this though, most grades had a full turn out of entrants who decided that they would just get on with the job at hand.
The new TT course at Williamstown proved popular with many riders and once extension to the shoulder is complete it should be a quick power course. 

A huge thank you to the officals and volunteers who stood out in the conditions for 2 hours, without your support of Women's Cycling this series would not be possible.

David Birks, Allison Dally, Graeme Zucker, Mark Robinson, John Murray, Kerran Oates, Russell Johnstone, David Pratt, Rob Faulkner, Nathalie Johnstone, Sharee Faulkner and Michelle Spiel for settling in and snapping 400 photos of the riders, these will be posted early next week.  Medical Support Denis Crispe.  Follow car John Kelly and signage Heather Barclay.

Your donation of $90.00 towards the SA Juniors going to World Championships later this year will be passed on to the mums this week.  

Women's Series Round 1 TT - Junior Results

Series Points - Juniors

Women's Series Round 1 TT - Group Black Results

Series Points - Black

Women's Series Round 1 TT - Group Blue Results

Series Points - Blue

Women's Series Round 1 TT - Group Yellow Results

Series Points - Yellow

Women's Series Round 1 TT - Group Red Results

Series Points - Red

 WS 2013 TT wet and wild

Click here for event photos by Michelle Spiel

Thank you to our series sponsors who support women's cycling



SA Masters Sparkling at Nationals

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SCRATCH RACES:  Kel Hards (PACC) silver, Malcolm Clasohm (Whyalla CC) gold, John Zivanovic (KCC) gold,Patrick Marcucci, (NorwoodCC) gold.


SA's Meriel Custance and Kel Hards yesterday smashed their previous PB's at Cycling Australia's Masters National Track Championships.

Both women faced seasoned competition in their respective Individual Pursuit categories with Meriel securing the silver medal and Kel the bronze.

SA's men were inspired on Monday when they left their mark on day 1 of competition the Individual Pursuits.  

Malcolm Clasohm  (Whyalla CC)showed why he had won 2 previous Masters World Track Championships when he dominated the MMAS7 to take the Gold medal from Michael Lawson. Kilkeny CC John Zivanovic was a clear winner of  the ride off for the bronze medal in  MMA6 and David Zdanowicz of the ADCC made a  race of the MMAS5 final when he challenged  Lewis Marshall of Rockhampton CC.  Lewis narrowly got the better of David.

MERIEL CUSTANCE - "2.50 for 2km Individual pursuit. Silver medal. PB by 12seconds :) Thank you Sam Farrell and Patrick M for wheels. For Skinny Lattes and Cibo for their support, John the Super Coach and everyone who said nice things :) Doesn't my Fuji look sweet with her bling? Well done Kel Hards on her PB too — with Kel Hards at Midvale Speed Dome."


KELLIE HARDS - What a day of racing for me! I still can't believe I have a Bronze medal for the IP sitting in front of me. I was hoping for a PB, but I achieved that plus more.
Thanks must go to the following people:
Andrew for lending me his BT.
My dad for taking the time to travel with me (I don't know how I would have managed with all my cycling boxes and bags - needed 2 trolleys to carry all my gear :o )
The awesome support from Meriel, especially with her reminders to eat good food and rehydrate. :)
A very big thank you to John Zivanovic, Pat Marcucci and David Zdanowicz for yelling at me in the Final and indicating I needed to pull my finger out if I wanted to win a medal.
Andy from Cycleworx Woodville Semaphore Unley with ordering of equipment and making sure it was ready before departure date. — in Perth, Western Australia.

Photo: Meriel about to unleash her fury in the IP.

ORICA-AIS Latest News

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The Rapha Women's 100km challenge

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The Women's 100 is off and rolling. It may seem like a long road leading to the July 7th date, but it will be here before you know it. There have been some questions coming in about the Rapha Women's 100 — What is it? Where do I sign up? What do I win? Well, the truth of the matter is that the only thing that is really worth winning is the chance to unite women in riding 100km or more on July 7th, and any time in between.

Enter Here for Event Details

Tips on Improving Your Time Trial

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With Round 1 of the Women's Challenge Series coming up here is a timely article written by Peter Reaburn that was published by Cycling Australia.  

Time trialling is an art - part physical, part ability to handle hurt, and part bike set-up. While TT's are a specialty event, in any road race we need the specific fitness to hold speed like a timetrialist does. Whether it be hanging on to the pace line in racing or training, driving for the finish line from a long way out, or climbing a long and steady hill, a road racer of any age needs to know how to maximise their ability to time trial.

click here for Peter's advice on how to Bridge The Gap

Cyclo Sportif..Is It For Me???

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be part of a team....a cycling team, wearing the same kit, looking sharp, and sharing the highs and low together. SA Cycling run a teams time trial....the Cyclo Sportif and here is an insight from some of our team members.  With 40 Skinny Lattes members involved in these events there must be something good going on.
Cyclo Sportif was a fantastic way for me to enter into my first cycling event.  The best thing was that I wasn't entering myself..  I had a team with me.. A team that supported me, encouraged me, looked out for me and shared their knowledge with me. It's made me a more confident rider and has encouraged me to get out there and have a go.
Sandra - Extra Hots
Well, it was my very first cyclo sportif and I am advancing in years to take on such events and I wasn't quite sure what to expect but these were the stand out moments for me: an early start in the drizzling rain; feeling a bit nervous amongst all these fit looking riders; feeling part of it in the Skinny Lattes jersey; hoping to click into my pedals at the start and not fall over in front of everyone; riding along in a neat little 'brick' of four riders; not being able to join in the team chatter 'cos I was trying to keep breathing; wondering if there was any point at which we would be able to freewheel - there were none; feeling my heartbeat thumping in my head on the last hill; relief at the sight of the line; really happy to complete together as a team; proud of the other Skinny Latte teams all finishing together in style; and a nice cup of tea when i got home. And all this before 10.30am on a Sunday!! All in all a great morning.

Thanks to my babycino team mates for getting me round.
Best wishes
Kim - Babycinos
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